Last time we took a look at how motion control played a major part in this year’s E3. Now we’ll look at the other innovation that is looming on the horizon; 3D gaming

3D Gaming

Apparently, the future is in 3D! For the Big Three at this year’s E3, each is putting their chips into 3D in varying levels. Ranging from no-show (Microsoft) to let’s try this out (Nintendo) to let’s go insane (Sony). Let’s look at how each was represented this year:

Microsoft: The house that Gates built didn’t show any 3D tech at E3, because (as far as I know) they don’t have any 3D projects in the works. They are most likely hoping that Kinect will be the boost that will draw in and captivate new users, and they may be onto something. After all, what’s more immersive than using your own body as a controller?

Microsoft might be looking at this from the most practical perspective. Only recently have we seen the HDTV adoption rate in America pass 50%, meaning that consumers are sluggish to take on new tech, especially in the current economic climate. What does that say for 3D-enabled TV? Sure, I’d love to have one at home; but how long until I can actually afford one? Due to cost factors, this is one device that I probably won’t be able to adopt early and it’s likely that most other consumers will have to wait too.

Nintendo: Nintendo seems to be taking the smartest approach to 3D gaming. The plan looks simple enough – take the world’s most successful handheld gaming device (Nintendo DS), add in some 3D tech, ship it out to the public and gauge their response before dumping more resources into 3D home gaming consoles. I have to admit, the Nintendo 3DS stole the show for me at E3. Here is a device that is within my price range, is 3D capable, and can be taken anywhere. Are you kidding? That’s all win to me!

I love the idea that I can try out 3D gaming as soon as it’s available with Nintendo 3DS. Even if it isn’t for me, the buyer’s remorse won’t be so strong since I won’t have to sell a kidney to afford this setup.

Sony: If there’s one thing you have to give to Sony, it’s that they consistently innovate. I have never seen a company that is constantly pushing out new devices, new ideas, and new technology like they do. The tech giant doesn’t let anything stop them; if a solution doesn’t exist they will create said solution. So it’s no surprise that when PlayStation says 3D is on, it’s on.

Future 3D games for PS3, 3D support for existing PS3 games, 3D movies through PSN, 3D movies through Blu-ray and DVD – if you own a 3D-enabled TV and a PS3, the future is going to be very enjoyable for you. However if you’re like me and can’t drop the cash (around $2,000 on average for 3D TVs now), this tech isn’t going to be something you’re likely to experience outside of the Magnolia showroom floor at your local Best Buy. The price of the hardware will be the hurdle for Sony’s 3D tech to overcome, but the tech is definitely head and shoulders above anything else that’s out there in terms of gaming.

There you have it! What tech or developing trends are you most interested in when it comes to gaming? Feel free to leave your comments below!