The year is 1996. I’ve had my PlayStation for a few months and I’m looking for something new to play, something different. A trip to the game store and what catches my eye? An intriguing package containing some game called “Resident Evil”.

When I get home, it’s still early in the afternoon and I begin playing. The light outside acts as my greatest ally, and sets the stage for a trend I’ll continue all the way until Resident Evil 4 – never playing at night with the lights off.

Let me state this clearly: I friggin’ love zombies. I love them mostly for the way that they can scare the crap out of me in virtually any medium in which they’re found shuffling about. When I say zombies though, I mean the traditional slow-moving, rotting corpses. Not these new zombies that sprint around like Jesse Owens. That’s not a true zombie in my book (although their creators might argue that they are). It’s not scary; it’s unrealistic. How can a zombie move that fast if it’s all rotting away? I run for like a block and my leg hurts for days, and I’m not even in any remote state of decomposition.

But I digress… back to the game. Resident Evil was full of these shuffling zombies, and no matter where you turned there were more of them waiting for you. And if that wasn’t bad enough, there were other horribly mutated abominations trying to eat you as well. The zombie dogs had me, one of the world’s biggest dog fans, frantically trying to kill them all before they could get me. And who could forget that classic scene when the dogs first come crashing through that window in the long hallway? I screamed like a girl and tossed my controller when I first saw that scene.

Doors? Dogs don't need doors...

Resident Evil was such an amazing game to me because it introduced me to survival horror, ands showed that games can provide me with another emotion. Horror flicks didn’t even scare me (they still don’t) but something about playing through something built like a slasher movie really struck a chord. Resident Evil was like my gateway drug into other games like Silent Hill and Eternal Darkness, but I’ll never forget how amazingly perfect Resident Evil is. Check out the guy below playing Resident Evil 2; he gets how scary these games are!